Friday, August 19, 2016

Week 3 - August 19, 2016 - MTC

WOW! I seriously cannot believe that this is my last week at the MTC! I've said it before but it really has gone by so fast! It's been one of the greatest experiences of my life! I've loved my district, my companion, the food (obviously, because I've gained like 4 or 5 pounds since I've been here), my TRC's (investigators), the spirit, and getting to know more about the gospel and how to teach it! It's literally been the best! But I'm so ready to just get out there and teach the people of West Virginia about this AMAZING gospel! So excited!!

***Also yes, I got the white pants you sent me! And the sugar cookies like are you're kidding!? Where did you get them? So good! Thank you so much! (Noah's mom made them haha, but she only makes them on rare occasions, like going on a mission). Also, I might be able to call you while I'm in Georgia too! But I don't know how that will work with your schedule and everything! I'll let you know for sure when I call you guys Tuesday morning!  And should I just take everything out of my small bag and put it in my backpack when I go to the airport? If the answer is yes, then where should I put my small bag? K thanks bye.***

Okay so a lot happened this week! On Sunday, we had a devotional with Daniel K. Judd as the speaker (if you guys know who that is. I didn't but he did really good!) He talked about how our job as missionaries isn't to convert. That's the Spirit's job. It was truly an amazing/humbling talk! Then we ended the night by watching "17 Miracles"! SO GOOD!  Then we also had a devotional on Tuesday with Bonnie L. Oscarson! It was actually pretty funny because literally everyone thought Elder Holland was going to be the speaker for that devotional so as everyone finished dinner early and sprinted to choir practice so that we could get good seats.  Then we looked up at the screen and it said "Tuesday Devotional: Bonnie L. Oscarson". Hahaha! I felt bad though because when she got up to speak, she apologized for not being Elder Holland (laughing face emoji). But honestly, I think she gave one of the best talks I have ever heard in my life! She talked about how we need to be willing to seek and accept corrections from the Lord. Then she showed the Mormon Message about the gardener who cut down a bush while it was still growing! The bush wasn't very happy that he did that because it was growing so well and hen the gardener just cuts it down! The gardener then went on to explain how he had to cut it down to where it started because it wasn't growing the way he knew it could. It was a great analogy because it shows that we need to show gratitude towards God for being loving enough to cut us down because he knows what's best and sees the potential in all of us! I encourage you all to look up that Mormon Message because it's an amazing one and you learn a lot from it!

We also had In-Field Orientation yesterday. It's basically just an orientation where we learn how to approach people, use our planners, and how to work with members. It was good and really helpful in some parts but it went on for 8 or 9 hours. Like, you're kidding. On a happier note, I met so many amazing people throughout the whole thing so it was well worth it! :)

We also got new TRC's this week! Last week, we committed Sahara to be baptized!! YES! It was so cool! But we didn't ever get to see if Aaron wanted to be baptized because he went out of town the day after that amazing lesson I told you guys about last week! But it's okay! He was heading down the right path! Our new TRC this week is "Brooke". She is HILARIOUS! She wanted to know more about who God was and the nature of Him. Our first 2 lessons with her went really well. She had a lot of questions about God, the priesthood, and the Book of Mormon! She committed to praying about whether or not what we taught her was true. In our 3rd lesson with her yesterday, she told us that she felt something really good after she prayed. She said it was a feeling she hadn't ever felt before. We went on to explain to her that that was the Spirit. The Holy Ghost. We then went on to explain what the Holy Ghost was and what it does and how it can be your constant companion once you get baptized. After that, we asked her to be baptized. She said that she had to pray about it first but that she felt like baptism was the right path to- go down. AHH! Guys, this church is so true. Lolz.

Also, I encourage all of you to not only look up that gardener video, but also "Come Unto Christ: Mutual theme". It's not the current mutual theme for the year but I heard it playing in a classroom somewhere and it's just stuck with me ever since. I promise you won't regret looking it up!


On Tuesday, I heard someone singing "Me too" in the shower but they changed the lyrics so it applied to missionary work. Part of it was, "If I was you, I'd wanna serve Him too." Hahaha! It was so funny!

Anyways, I have absolutely loved it here! To answer your question mom, I'm feeling great! I thought I would feel really homesick but I haven't really. The crazy thing is, my entire district has had a day where they were SUPER homesick. I was able to comfort most of them because I know what it feels like to be homesick back in the day. I think that's why I haven't been homesick so far.  Because God knew that everyone in my district would get homesick so he kept me strong to comfort them. I hope that made sense. Haha! But its been on my mind a lot lately! I've had so many funny, difficult, humbling, and spiritual experiences here! But I'm so excited to get out there to West Virginia! It's crazy how fast this has gone! Thank you for all of the support you guys have given me! I truly love all of you so much and I know this church is true! 

I'm comin for ya West Virginia!:)

Alma 29: 9

Elder Hanson

Elder Hanson, Elder Wilson, Elder Carlton, Elder Sandlin

Henry, Judson, Noah (Viewmont Student Body Officers)

Noah and the MTC Choir

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