Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 30 - February 27, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

Heyyyy y'all! This week was a little bit better than last week! So it's gradually getting better here in Princeton haha! We've been teaching quite a bit though and finding potential investigators! We're just still really struggling trying to find new people to teach. Also, it got really cold like out of nowhere. It was literally 70 degrees the other day and then yesterday it was 40! Like what the actual? Haha!

So on Friday, my comp was really really down. And we were at the library and I was trying to find an article, song, just something that would make my comp feel better. And I came across this really awesome song called "Overcomer" by Mandisa. It talks about when you feel discouraged or you're just going through a tough trial, God reminds you that you're an overcomer. But in order to overcome our trials we need to turn to Him and remember the One who lifts us. It's now our favorite song to listen to haha! 


Vanessa. So unfortunately, we're gonna have to move her baptismal date. She didn't come to church yesterday because apparently someone broke into her house and she was scared to come out of her trailer. Which seems legit. She really is a great lady, but she just keeps having these series of unfortunate events happen to her. So we're not giving up on her! Just pray for her. She really is struggling right now and needs all the prayers she can get!

Oh my gosh ok it was sooooo cool yesterday. So we were getting pretty down on ourselves because we literally could not find people to teach. Then I was like, "Okay let's just try this one last house" and my comp wasn't up for it AT ALL. But I forced him to do it haha. So we knock on the door and this Hispanic lady named Vicki answers and steps outside to talk to us. So we talk to her for a bit and then her WHOLE FAMILY came out and talked to us. She's a single mom with SEVEN kids! Ahhhh! They invited us back later this week and said they were really really interested. Literally the witness comes after the trial of your faith! It was so awesome!


This one may be a bit tricky for some but it doesn't hurt to try! So we all know someone who isn't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and something that wouldn't hurt to try is to ask them if they'd be interested in talking to the local missionaries in their area! I know that sounds really scary to do but I promise it doesn't hurt to try. If they reject the offer, then you can at least say you tried. But this gospel needs to be heard throughout the world and it all starts with an invitation to learn!


So we were tracting yesterday and there was a house that we came across with a huge gate around it. There was also a big dog inside the gate and I was like "Yeahhhhh no" at first but then I realized that the dog was blind. Like literally blind. And I thought I'd have fun with that. So I whistled at the dog and it jumped up and ran right towards me. Then BOOM! He runs straight into the gate like really hard. And then it started to cry. Like literally it started crying and I felt like the devil. But I was also laughing really hard which made me feel even worse about the whole situation hahaha. I know I'm the worst.

Thank you all for your love and support towards the work! You guys are awesome and I hope you all have a great week! Love you guys :)

D&C 18: 15

- Elder Hanson
My Princeton apartment

Enjoying PDay!

Transfer from Gallipolis

My Grandpa Hanson is 86 today! Miss you Grandpa!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 29 - February 21, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

Hey y'all! So I'll admit, this has definitely been the hardest week of my mission so far. I've been faced with a lot of challenges that have done their absolute best to shake my faith. I can already tell that I'm growing a lot from this area and I've only been here for 2 weeks. However, although things are getting harder and harder, I look at it as a blessing. If y'all remember that song I told you about a couple months ago called "Blessings" by Laura Story, that song has yet again been a huge help to me this week. "What if trials of this life, the rain, the storms, the hardest nights, are your mercies in disguise?"

Princeton is awesome! It's right on the border of West Virginia and Virginia. I have Bluefield Sister missionaries, Peterstown sister missionaries, and Pembroke Elders in my district. I also have the zone leaders in my district! I love my district so much! They are all really hard workers. 


Vanessa. I can't remember if I told you guys about her already but she's an awesome lady who is on date for baptism on March 18th! She really wants to turn her life around because she's been through A LOT! She loves the church but she hasn't showed up to church that's something we gotta work on with her if she wants to be baptized on that date. But I'm optimistic and I think she'll make it :) just pray for her that she'll be able to make it :)

We're really struggling trying to find NEW people to teach. This is a tough area so definitely pray for me and my companion that we'll be able to find those who are truly ready to hear and accept the gospel :) that would be awesome! Hopefully we'll find some this week :)


What is your favorite Mormon message? If you have one, SHARE it on social media! I'm always saying that the best way to strengthen your testimony is to SHARE it, so SHARE your favorite Mormon message on social media. Because a testimony isn't just what you say, it's who you are!


So we literally have the best bishop. He was telling us a story on Sunday about his first kiss. He said that he was pretty sick when he went on the date with this girl named Jenna but he didn't wanna miss the date so he went anyways. He said that at the end of the date he was walking up to the door with her and he coughed. Then a huge loogie fell out of his mouth and into her hair. She realized something was in her hair a couple minutes later and said, "Ew why is there gum in my hair?" And then, to distract her, he kissed her. Hahaha she's now his wife. They're awesome!

Thank you all for your prayers and support towards me during this difficult time. I truly love all of you so much!

Alma 26: 11-12

- Elder Hanson

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 28 - February 13, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

Wow. These past few days have been pretty overwhelming I'll admit. Literally EVERYTHING is NEW! New companion, new area, new ward, new investigators, and my first time in a leadership position. It's a little scary but I'm doing fine! I'll adapt well I'm sure of it, I just gotta remember that there is no growth in a comfort zone. I am praying a lot :-)


Mike and Katelyn. So they're a married couple and I met them for the first time on my first day here. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went, overall, pretty well. We invited both of them to be baptized on March 25th! So please pray for them because they're both pretty scared to be baptized but they have the DESIRE to be baptized. They're awesome :)

Trish. So she is a very stubborn person. But she was willing to listen to the restoration lesson and it went well up until Joseph Smith. She's just needs to learn more about his role as a prophet. But we told her to pray about it and she said she would. She invited us back so hopefully we'll see some progression there :) 


"Be thou an example unto the believers." This is something I've really come to focus on this week because of being the District Leader. My challenge to you guys this week is to just be a good example to all those around you. Because you never know who is watching you. And also, if you find it difficult to be the good example for people around you, just remember that you are never alone when you stand up for what's right. Heavenly Father will always be on your side if you do what's right.


So I was calling everyone in my district the first night I got here so that I could introduce myself and everything. And my companion, Elder Roberts, kept making these weird goat noises the whole time just to throw me off while I was talking to people. And these sister missionaries were like, "Why does it sound like you have a goat in your apartment?" So I don't know if my district thinks I'm very professional right now haha. I know that moment wasn't very funny but I thought it was hilarious for some reason. Haha!

I love all of you so much! Thank you for your awesome examples! You all mean a lot to me and hope you have a great week!

John 14: 26-27

- Elder Hanson

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 27 - February 8, 2017 - Gallipolis, Ohio - Princeton, West Virginia

Heyyy! So yep. I guessed it. I'm officially leaving Gallipolis, Ohio. It's honestly been a rough couple of days saying goodbye to all the people that I've come to know and love. But I know the Lord needs me now in Princeton, West Virginia! I will be the District Leader! I'm nervous but it will be great :-). My new companion is going to be Elder Roberts! I don't know the kid but I've heard he's kind of like me and loves Harry Potter so win-win. So don't send any letters or packages to the Gallipolis address anymore cuz I won't get them! Haha. I'll let you know my new address on Monday! But yeah, it's still hard. I still have to say goodbye to certain people tonight so that will be interesting. And I haven't even started packing. Haha. Whoops.

That's awesome about the Patriots winning the SUPER BOWL!! I'm so hyped for them! Everyone has been talking about it over here. People hate the patriots here. Haha! So too bad but it sucks to suck. A lady in the ward made me Patriots logo out of wood. It's cool. That's awesome that you went to the temple! I miss it so much!
Annie won out of 300 ratchets (Drill Team drill down at State)?? Oh my gosh! Tell her congrats for me! That's crayyyy! Dang, the Merrill family is just poppin. Tell them all that they're all studs!


Rhodes family. So we had the best lesson with them the other day! We invited all of them to be baptized and everyone but the mom said yes. She said she's just a little scared that she'll disappoint God if she doesn't get baptized in the right church. So we just told her to pray and humbly listen for her answer. But they're amazing! Keep praying for them :)

Kasey. So it's been a while since I've updated her. She's been too busy to see us lately and we just found out yesterday that she has cancer. So she is in deep need of some prayer. She truly is incredible and it's so sad to see her in this state. Keep her in your prayers!


I found a song this week called "My Little Prayer" by David Archuleta. And it talks about how incredible it is that the most gracious, supreme being, who is over all mankind wants to hear our prayers. He loves us. He want to know what we're going through and what we're thankful for. So if you're struggling, confused, grateful, or in need of someone to talk to, KNEEL!


So we were teaching this less-active member and she told me at the very beginning of the lesson that I looked like David Archuleta. She kept saying it throughout the entire lesson so finally I was like, "K but David looks like a monkey." She paused for a moment, then said, "Yeah, you still look like him!" Ouch. So moral of the story, my mom and dad gave birth to a fetching monkey. Thanks guys.

I love you all! Thanks for your amazing Christ-like examples in my life and for your support! Have an incredible week :)

Ephesians 4: 31-32

- Elder Hanson
Patriots win the Super Bowl!

Awesome members who made me this logo out of wood!

All of the great people of Gallipolis, Ohio that I have grown to love so much!