Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Week 98 - June 20, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Whattup y'all! It's your boi. Wow this past week and a half has been crazy! It's been busy (crazy busy), spiritually uplifting, reminder-filling, and a bit surreal. We were running like non-stop this week and it was awesome! We had the opportunity also to attend a mission conference with Elder Bennett of the Seventy. I was very spiritually fed that day. He talked a lot about how we, as missionaries, need to give our ALL to the Lord while we are full-time missionaries. It was a great reminder to me that this time is the only time that we will have to be fully dedicated full-time missionaries while we're young. The mission is basically like the MTC of life. There is no better time than now to give it our ALL and be fully committed to serving our Heavenly Father and His children. It was a great conference!

It was also awesome to see a lot of the missionaries I've come to know on my mission at the mission conference! It felt surreal because it was probably the last time I was gonna be able to see some of them on my mission. It's getting closer and closer...I really don't know how I feel about it haha.

And.....Happy Father's Day Dad! Thank you for your example and love to me and those around you. I look up to you more than you even know. You deserved to have the best day! 


Robbie and Kaitlyn. Ok so now things are looking a lot better with them haha! We had an awesome lesson on the restoration again with them and Robbie told us that he had a dream the other night that he attended our church. He was all dressed up and everything in the dream. It sounds like a small thing to get hyped about but we were STOKED to hear that! He hasn't come to church and neither has Kaitlyn so we hope that they'll take that as a sign to come to church haha and experience blessings to them and their families! They're also having another baby boy! So that's exciting!


My challenge to all of y'all this week is to attend the temple with a question in mind. Has there been something bothering you lately that you need an answer to? Or do you simply just need to feel SOME sort of peace in your life? Attend the temple. There you can hear the Lord so clearly. I cannot think of a better place to be to receive direct personal revelation. Man I miss the temple.


So on Sunday, we had Stake Conference and we had this member family drive us there. We walked into the member's home before we left and they were still getting ready. The mom didn't like the shoes the daughter was wearing and so she told her to take them off. The daughter refused because they took forever to get on in the first place. So the mom took the daughter by the foot and tried taking them off for her. She was struggling to get them off and she said to the daughter "Man. You ain't Cinderella I can tell you that!" Hahahaha Elder Craner and I were dying!

Anyways, I love all of you so much! Thank you all for your amazing examples. Continue being an example to others. You never know whose life you'll touch! Church is true :)

"Faith is a real power. Not just an expression of belief." - Boyd K. Packer

- Elder Noah Hanson
Elder Rudd and Noah


Noah can paint!

Kris from Bluefield

Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 97 - June 11, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Sup y'all! It's your boi. So this week was HOT. Holy cow. We'd knock like 3 doors and already have sweat dripping down our backs...sorry kinda graphic but legit though. We've been finding more and more people who are ready to hear the gospel and I know it's God's blessing to us for being diligent and obedient and I'm so hyped haha! Richlands is going places and the branch senses it too! Let's gooooo!

Also thank you all once again for all the birthday wishes. I had more and more come throughout the week and I'm very blessed. Holy cow. Thank you all! :)


Roger, Jay, Sandra. So cool story with Jay. He said that as he was reading the Book of Mormon he got an overwhelming feeling that he NEEDED to turn his will over to the Lord's. And that he was willing to do ANYTHING. It was so cool!! He came to church yesterday but Roger and Sandra didn't. Just keep praying for them! Don't give up on them! Haha!

Brian. He's STELLAR. Haha. We love Brian! We're teaching him the Plan of Salvation this week and it lined up perfectly cuz someone he knew just recently passed away and we were able to be there for him. He's an amazing guy. Please pray for him too!


What do you want someone to do for YOU? Do that to someone else. Best way to gain relationships is to treat others the same way YOU want to be treated. 


So on Tuesday, a member family threw me a huge surprise party and it was awesome. Haha. See more pics on Noah's blog) They had a Harry Potter cake with all the Harry Potter characters on it. It was sik (well sik for me haha). Anyways, I named every single one of the characters on the cake and the member's daughter turned to me and said "Wow. You have NO life Elder Hanson." I have a problem guys. Ugh. Oh well. It's chill.

Hope all of y'all have a great week! I won't be able to write until Wednesday next week because we have Elder Bennett of the Seventy coming to speak with us next monday! Let's goooo! Love all of you so much! :) stay safe and keep on keepin' on!

"Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right." -Russell M. Nelson

- Elder Noah Hanson
Happy 20th!

Happy 20th!

Two Cakes!

With Jasmine and Elder Craner


What a great group of Members in Richlands, Virginia

The District

Happy Birthday

Who's your doctor?

Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 96 - June 4, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Whattup y'all!! It's your boi Elder Hanson. First off, thank you for all the birthday wishes! I got a package from home with mom's cookies! I've missed mom's cookies. I'm truly blessed with amazing friends and family! I'll party as hard as I possibly can as a missionary ;) haha! But I'm turning 20? That means adult life is here and is here to stay haha. Let's gooooooo!


Roger, Jay, and Sandra. They're doing good! We're gonna teach them more lessons this week so pray that things go well there! They're in the process of moving so it's been hard to schedule appointments with them. But all is well haha!

Brian. So we picked him up as a new investigator on Saturday!! He is awesome! We tracted into him and he said that he had felt the spirit big time when we taught the restoration. He even accepted the invitation to be baptized! So we're pretty hyped for him! He said he's gonna bring his kids to church next week. So let's gooooo! Pray for him and his progression haha :)


So yesterday, President Nelson mentioned in a youth devotional to take a "seven-day social media fast". Because there's a lot of fake things on social media that can easily depress and discourage those who take it seriously. So that's my challenge to y'all. Take a "seven-day social media fast". No snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. I know that's a big challenge but I sustain President Nelson as a prophet and I know he speaks truth. 


So on Friday, we went to Welch, WV for exchanges. And when we got to the Elders' apartment, they had locked the door and weren't there. So Elder Craner came up with the great idea to open the window and climb through. So he went first and tried to crawl through the window....but then his leg flipped up and BROKE the window hahahaha. I laughed so hard! We fixed it. It's all good though now!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a killer week! Keep on keepin' on! Love you guys to death! 

"If today, you are a little better than you were yesterday, then that is enough." - David A. Bednar

- Elder Noah Hanson

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Week 95 - May 29, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

I will hit 22 months this week...holy cow. What even is time?

Ayyy y'all! Sorry for not emailing yesterday. All of our libraries were closed so we had to postpone emailing time to today. It's all good doe! Wow this week was all over the place. I don't know where to start. First, lots of rain! Whoa. Second, we almost had to sleep in a member's camper because of so much rain, it made it almost impossible to get back to our apartment. We live in the worst part of Richlands because it floods there so much haha! But we good! (Even though we are under flash flood watch). Third, we had 2 of the same investigators show up to church on Sunday, Jay and Roger. So that was awesome to have them there! Fourth, our Gospel Principles lesson on Sunday was on Exaltation and oh my goodness church is so stressful as a missionary let me tell ya. Especially, if you have investigators there haha. And last but not least, we had an awesome Memorial Day yesterday. We hungout with member's all day and had a barbecue. It was so fun! So blessed to live in a country with the freedoms that we have. Forever grateful for those who give their lives so that we can experience this freedom. Long live America!


Roger, Jay, Sandra. They're doing great! Like I said, Roger and Jay came to church on Sunday! They really enjoyed it. We may have to move their baptismal date but they know they need to get baptized. So please pray for them and their progression! 

Robert & Kaitlyn. They say they love what we teach about families. So we're gonna try and see what we can do to help them with the gospel. Please just pray for them. Please!


How have you felt God's love in your life TODAY? The challenge this week is to answer this question and write down the answer in a journal, phone, or post it on social media. For me, I felt His love at the Food Pantry we volunteer at weekly. I felt His love for His children that I am serving there. It was a pretty cool experience. Now it's your turn!


So yesterday we were at a member's house for Memorial Day and she had SO MUCH FOOD. She took my plate and PILED food on it until it was basically a pyramid of food on my plate. Then she tried putting a deviled-egg on my plate but realized she didn't have room to put it anywhere, so she SHOVED IT IN MY MOUTH. I was like "Fetch!". It was super awkward but really funny haha!

Anyways, love all of y'all! Keep on keepin' on! Stay safe!

"A great indicator of one's personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others." - Howard W. Hunter

- Elder Noah Hanson
Tracting in the rain (Like Always)

Virginia Double Rainbow!

Memorial Day with the Earps!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 94 - May 21, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Whattup y'all! It's your boi. What a week it has been. So transfers were on Friday and I said goodbye to Elder Lodico. That was crazy. He's home now and seems to be happy! I also got called to be a TRAINER again!! Wahoo! I'm actually super hyped. My new companion is Elder Craner. He's from Meridian, Idaho. He's such a good guy! We already get along great and have fun working so I'm excited for these next 2 transfers :) 


Roger, Sandra, and Jay. So I think I've talked about them before. But Roger and Jay came to church yesterday! It was the first time they'd come to church and it was so exciting to see them there! We're meeting with them later this week and finishing the Plan of Salvation. And Sandra should be coming next week :) I'm hyped for them! We may have to change their baptismal date but it's all good. Just keep praying for them and their progression. :)


Do you know someone who is struggling? Reach out to them. Let them know that you are there for them, but most importantly, let them know that Heavenly Father is there for them too. He is always there for us through the good and bad times. 


So on Saturday (Elder Craner's first real day), we did service for a member and we were moving a washer and dryer. But the washer and dryer didn't fit through the door so we had to take down the door to get them out. However, the screws in the door were super rusted and would NOT come out. So we tried everything to get them out. And Elder Craner and I got really frustrated haha but then the member we were helping was like "Guys, just say a prayer and they'll come out". I was like "Is that actually how that works? haha" anyways, we both said a silent prayer and then the screws came out like 2 minutes later! Pretty freaking cool but it was really funny too haha!

Love all you so much! Have a great week and keep on keepin' on! God lives!

"We are not and never need be alone." - David A. Bednar

- Elder Noah Hanson
Elder Hanson and Elder Craner


PDAY emails!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 93 - May 14, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Hey y'all! So this week was awesome!! Obviously, I got to skype my amazing family for Mother's Day. I loved every minute of it. So crazy to think that that's my last skype call...but I'm truly grateful for the chance I had to get updates from them and talk with them! Also it's transfers on Friday and I can't believe another transfer has gone by. Whoa. Elder Lodico is going home and I'm staying in Richlands! So let's goooooo!


Rosetta & Kristy. We picked them up this week as new investigators and they're both just friends! Rosetta had a lot of questions about our church and Kristy became really interested when we walked in too! So they should be coming to church this sunday and I'm so hyped! Pray for them and their progression :)


So I know it's like past Mother's Day and all but the challenge this week is to call your mom this week and tell her how much you love her and appreciate her. Or a motherly figure in your life. It will mean the world to them, even though Mother's Day is past haha!


So yesterday, I gave a talk about mother's and missionary work. I shared with the congregation (all 22 of them) about my mom and the blessing she's been in my life and...I cried for about 15/20 minutes I was up there. Gosh dang it. I don't even know if the congregation understood half my talk haha oh well though.

I love you all so so much! Thank you for all the support and love you've shown me. Keep on keepin' on!! 

"When life is hard, remember - we are not the first to ask 'Is there no other way?'" - Jeffrey R. Holland

- Elder Noah Hanson
Hiking neat Richlands, Virginia

Facetime with Noah

Noah and Facetime

The Family with Noah

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 92 - May 7, 2018 - Raven, Virginia

Sup y'all! First of all, shout out to my awesome Dad! It's his birthday this Wednesday (May 9)! Happy Birthday Dad! I'm truly grateful for all that you've done for me. You've been my support and my rock. Love ya a lot Dad :)

Also, shout out to all mothers everywhere this week! Happy Mother's day! Especially to my number 1 fan. Love you mom! I'll see all y'all on Mother's day :)


Robert & Kaitlyn. Soooo they're doing good. They been studying much of our doctrine and they ask us quite a few questions and we're able to answer them. But they keep telling us that they'll have to REALLY pray about what we teach. So please please pray for them. Pray that the spirit can truly touch their heart.

We're also trying to get people to church. It's sooooo hard in this mission. I honestly think getting people to church is the toughest part of this mission. People don't have a ton of it's been tough. We're trying to get the member's involved but there's only so many members haha. And I think the best thing to teach is probably the restoration/temple. People love the idea of eternal families!!


How well do you know your neighbors? Like legit. How WELL do you know them? If there's room for improvement, get to know them! Bring a treat or something to them and get to know them a little better. It builds trust and love between the both of you!


So on Tuesday, we were literally walking ALL DAY. I hadn't had to do that since Buena Vista. Haha. Anyways, we were walking and time was going by kind of slow. And so Elder Lodico and I started quoting Spongebob like none other haha. And before we knew it, 2 hours went by hahaha! So if time is going by slow, just quote Spongebob and I promise time will FLY. Haha!

I love all of you so so much. I know this church is true. No doubt in my mind. Jesus Christ lives. He is there for us no matter what. Have a great week :)

"Most of us clearly understand that the Atonement is for sinners. I am not so sure, however, that we know and understand that the Atonement is also for saints." - David A. Bednar

- Elder Noah Hanson