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Week 2 - August 12, 2016 - MTC

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. This whole week just FLEW by! I literally feel like I just got dropped off yesterday. It's kinda crazy to think about! And, yes I got the packages you sent me! And the cookies (heart eye emoji)!! Literally so blessed. Thank you!! My Pday is on Friday (at least while i'm here in the MTC)! Just so everyone knows haha! But anyway, yeah it's been a pretty crazy week so get ready. Lolz.

So let me start off by saying that I thought I knew a lot about the gospel. But guuueessss what? I don't. I've had so many humbling lessons about The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Book of Mormon, and The Atonement and how to teach them to investigators. The lessons were extremely humbling because all of them are more than just lessons. We need to help investigators relate to them by tying in the lessons to their needs so that it sticks with them. I mean, I kind of already knew that but it helped me find ways to relate each lesson to my specific investigators. Sorry that paragraph was kind of all over the place so hopefully that made sense! It's just hard to talk about each lesson because I learned SO much and ain't nobody got time to write about it all. (Also I'm extremely tired so please excuse my lame jokes as I type up this email. Thank you.)

We all go as a district to exercise time. We've kind of been switching off between basketball, soccer (which I can't play to save my life), volleyball, and four square. Okay, the people that play four square are INSANE! Like I don't even understand how you can be that good at that game. I only got to King once and that's just because I didn't touch the ball up until that point. So there you go.

Okay, SO I had my first Sunday here at the MTC and it was amazing!! To answer your question dad, yes. I joined the MTC choir. I was EXTREMELY hesitant at first but I decided to join because I wanted to help bring the spirit into devotionals and stuff like that. Also Elder Carlton convinced me to do it but that's beside the point. And people were saying that it's pretty cool actually so I just thought "Why not?".  For our devotional, we had Elder Holland's son, President Holland (president of UVU) talk to us about Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith went through so much in his life. This just helped build my testimony because even though he went through a lot, he never gave up. He seriously had so much faith and endured to the end. I know that I'm going to go through some hard times on my mission, but I know that if I put my faith in God, I can overcome any hard trial. I know that without a doubt in my mind that that's true.

We also have these things called "TRC's". I shouldn't say "things" because that's just rude. They're our INVESTIGATORS for the week. They're either people who are already members but are just acting like an investigator OR they're real investigators. So you never know. Lol. Elder Carlton and I have a girl named "Sahara" and an ex-buddhist named "Aaron". Sahara talks A LOT and she's really funny! Her fiance is a member so she decided to meet with the missionaries to get to know more about why this church is important to us. She's progressing and learning pretty well and yesterday we got her to commit to praying about baptism! Now Aaron. He was really difficult during our first lesson because he literally didn't know anything about God or the gospel in general. But we got him to commit to reading "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" pamphlet and taught him how to pray and why he should pray during the first lesson. And then our next lesson...HOLY COW! He had so many questions about the gospel and we were able to answer all of them in a way that he would understand. I know that it was the spirit talking. Not us. There was just no way we could answer all of those questions as well as we did without the spirit. We started talking about the Atonement and baptism and he was seriously considering getting baptized and it was just the most amazing experience! He said that he would pray about it but he already kind of knew that it's what he wanted to do! It was incredible! He also asked if he could say the closing prayer. YES! This whole TRC experience has reminded me of why I came out here. Why I'm serving a mission. And that's to see the gospel change lives for the better because I KNOW it can! Ahh! I love it here!

Guys. I KNOW this church is true. I know that Christ died for us and atoned for our sins. It is because he did that, we can return to live with Heavenly Father again if we live by Jesus Christ's example and keep his commandments. I challenge all of you to bear your testimony about the Savior to someone at least once this week! Because I know that one of the best ways we can build our testimonies, is by sharing them. I know that God lives. "Oh sweet, the joy this sentence gives. I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers! Means so much! Love you all! 

John 3:16-17

- Elder Hanson

P.S. Fun fact! I've already gained 3 pounds here at the MTC because food is good. K thanks bye.

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