Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 10 - October 10, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Wow! What an amazing, humbling week full of miracles! Like not even kidding. The leaves are finally starting to change colors and because there's a lot of trees here, it looks like "fruit loops" as our Mission President would say. Haha! It's true though! But anyway, yeah this week was pretty siiiiick.

Okay so first of all, it's crazy that I've already been out for over 2 months! What the actual what?? Time freaking flies when you're sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! Lol. But yeah it's crazy!

Also, remember last week how I challenged you all to read 8.5 pages of the Book of Mormon a day? How's that going?? I know that you will receive and recognize so many blessings by doing so! I know that it is true!

Update on our investigators!

D----. She's still progressing and like I said in my last email, she is DETERMINED to get baptized on November 12th! Please just keep praying for her and her husband B--- because they just recently had a friend that was living with them move out. Her friend was outraged that D--- was becoming a Mormon. D--- was really really saddened because of that. So please pray for her! Satan, like I've said, is doing his absolute best to diminish her faith!

B--- and D---. Here's a miracle story. So we were really really worried that B---- wasn't all that interested anymore because his uncle is not doing too well and he has become really depressed over it. He even stopped reading the Book of Mormon for a while. We went over many times to see if B--- was doing ok but he never answered. Until Saturday night! We went over one more time and he and his friend D--- answered! He was still really sad but we began talking about the Book of Mormon and he said he started to feel better afterwards. Then get this. Literally out of nowhere he said he wanted to come to church with us next Sunday. AHHH!! Like for reals I was so hyped! The Spirit works in mysterious ways guys! So I'll update on that next week, oh my goodness guys the church is true.

So last week we found a new investigator named R----. I mentioned her in my last email. Here's yet another, miracle story. So we were teaching the Restoration to her and she was really accepting of it and said it all made sense, until we got to the Book of Mormon. She said she wasn't too sure if the Book of Mormon was "legit" because she had heard bad things about it. We did our best to testify of its truthfulness and Joseph Smith, but she wasn't buying it. So then it came time for us to go and she asked me if I'd give the closing prayer... so I did. During the prayer, I prayed that Heavenly Father would testify to her through the Spirit that the Book of Mormon was true. After the prayer, she looked up at us for a second and then said, "You know what? I just got a confirmation from the Spirit that the Book of Mormon is legit." OH MY YES! I don't know what else to say about that experience other than that this church is sooooo true! The Spirit really is the teacher when it comes to missionary work!


Write down your blessings! You know that hymn "Count your many blessings"? Do it! I did that Friday night and it humbled me greatly! I literally sat down and named off a bunch of blessings the Lord has given me, big and small. Then I wrote them down as I named them off one by one and like the song says, "and it will surprise you what the Lord has done." It's so true! So throughout this week, I want you to count your many blessings and write them down! I promise that you will receive a lot of happiness and comfort as you do so!


So on Thursday night, a member of our ward decided to make dinner for us and bring it to our apartment. She's a really sweet old lady. Like honestly, she is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet! So as we were helping her get the pots and containers full of food out of her car, she said to us, "I'm so happy to do this for you guys! You mean a lot to me! But know this. If I don't get these pots and containers back by next week... I will find you... and I will kill you." Yes ma'am! Holy cow! Never in my life have I ever felt so threatened by a sweet, innocent, 83 year-old woman. So, out of fear, we returned the pots and containers the next day. Haha!

Thank you all so much for your love and support and your prayers for us and the people we teach! You are all amazing! Love you guys! Have a great week!

Matthew 16: 28-29
1 Nephi 16: 28-29

- Elder Hanson

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