Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 12 - October 24, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Wow, what a week! A lot of incredible stuff happened this week! Holy cow! It's getting colder here. Winter is definitely on the way! Like literally my feet are ALWAYS cold! It's kind of the worst but I'm super used to it now haha! ANYWAY, here's some highlights of this week!

First off, how's the Book of Mormon challenge coming along? I'm going to check up on how you guys are doing with that challenge every week because I KNOW it will bless your life and answer any questions you might have :) I know the Book of Mormon is true! I've felt it! 


So D----. She was REALLY sick this week. It was kind of scary actually. We called her 3 times during the week to check up on her and she sounded like she was just dying. We were only able to teach her once this week but it wasn't for that long! We just asked her the baptismal interview questions to prepare her for her REAL interview and that was it. Please pray for her that she'll feel better. She needs all the prayers and blessings she can get right now! Thanks guys!

B----. Okay remember last week when I told you guys about all the crazy stuff that went down with him?? Okay well he's back now! YES!! He actually continued reading out of the Book of Mormon the entire time he was gone! We were so pumped when he told us that! He said that he feels it's true and wants to learn more! He's so awesome! He's more at peace since we last saw him. He and his mom seem to be getting along better! So everything (as far as I know) is fine and dandy again with him! He wants to become a better person. So please keep praying for him! 

R----. Oh. My. Gosh. She is one amazing woman! Holy cow! Okay so we had a lesson with her on Wednesday night and taught her about the Spirit World. We went really in depth about the spirit world and I was actually getting really worried we weren't going to get the entire lesson in that night. But the lesson went really well and after we were done teaching about the Spirit World, she started crying and told us that we gave her A LOT of peace about her mom who passed away, not knowing much about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I then extended the invitation to Robin to be baptized and she said yes! WAHOO! Her baptismal date is November 26th! So please please pray for her that she will be prepared for that day! She really is an incredible person!


Write down everyone who has impacted you the most in your life! Seriously! Write them down and write down HOW they've impacted your life. Then tell them. Tell those people that they've inspired you and blessed your life for the better and HOW they did so. It will mean the world to that individual! And I guarantee that they will tell YOU how YOU'VE blessed their lives as well! :)


First off, for those of you who don't know what "salty" means, it means mad! Hahaha! Okay. So I was on exchanges on Tuesday with an elder named Elder Crook. He's our district leader. We decided to go tracting at like 8 o'clock at night and we decided to try this house. This guy walks out and we soon found out that he was a baptist preacher! He then went OFF about how Joseph Smith...  I was like...."what"? Haha! We never got a chance to talk the entire 10 minutes because he was talking and then he slammed the door shut. Elder Crook and I just stood there in shock of what just happened. Elder Crook went on to say, "Oh my fetch. My salt level is OFF THE CHARTS!" He was sooo mad it was hilarious! He started mocking him and said "Elder Hanson. Didn't you know that Joseph Smith... Book of Mormon... Fetch!" Hahahaha! I love Elder Crook.  It was so funny!

Thank you all for the amazing support you've given me! I know this church is true and I know that my Redeemer lives! My tesimony of the Book Of Mormon is growing so strong.  Hope you all have an amazing week :) love you guys!

D&C 11: 10-12
Mosiah 7: 33

- Elder Hanson
On Splits with Elder Crook

"Onions have layers." - Shrek

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