Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 5 - September 6, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Alrighty, so imma start off by saying I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T WRITE YOU GUYS YESTERDAY. It was Labor Day and all and so the library wasn't open. Frick. Anyway, hopefully mom wasn't too worried about it because I remember the first time Colin didn't write home. Loooolz. Okay, so this week was a great week! I have learned so much already and I'm already getting used to the culture here. Trust me. It's waaayyyyy different from Utah. Lol. I feel like I went foreign anyways. But I truly love it here :) I'm starting to get to know the people and I already love the people here. I think I might have said that last week but just in case, I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE! Okay so here's how the week went.

***Hey so my watch broke. Like the leather on it broke and so then the metal thing that hooks the watch to my wrist is broken too...Like destroyed. Aaaaand I don't know where to go to get that fixed. So if you want to, could you send me another one? If at all possible haha. Also, I love you guys! So much!***

So this week was actually kind of slow with teaching because my companion, Elder Hallewell, got really really sick. Now I know what you're thinking mom, 'Oh no! Did YOU get sick!?' Have no fear, I did not get sick! Lol. Which is actually super surprising because I have the worst immune system in the world. Like legit it's the WORST! Anyway, we stayed inside for two days because he literally could not get out of bed. But then we went to Walmart and got vitamins for him and he's all good now.

So remember how I said that we were trying to get Donna married so that she could be baptized? Well, she's starting to save up money for a marriage license! AND we set her on date for baptism!! October 29th! Wahoo!! We're still teaching her lessons about God's commandments and what she needs to do in order to prepare for October 29th. Please pray for her that she'll find a way to raise money for her marriage license. She needs all the help she can get!

Also, we are preparing Gus and his wife, Crystal is her name (I couldn't remember what her name was last week because I was still a pretty GREEN Elder)  for the temple to do baptisms for the dead! Their son, Junior, is preparing for baptism and guess what!? Gus, who just recently got baptized and received the priesthood, is gonna baptize him! AH! I'm literally so hyped. And his wife has stopped smoking for 9 days now! Wahoo! This is exactly why I came out here! To see the progress in people when they've been taught by the Spirit! And they're also preparing to be sealed as a family in one year from now! Guys, this gospel is so true!

CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK: (I'm going to start doing these now too haha)

Go and testify to someone anything about the gospel! Because I learned in church on Sunday that in order to grow our own testimonies, we need to share them! Because there is someone out there that needs to hear YOUR testimony. So if you every get the opportunity to share your testimony, DO IT! Because the Lord has softened someone's heart for you.


So when we were getting vitamins for Elder Hallewell, we ran into this guy named Trevor. He was about my age and he thought he was too cool for anything haha. He told us that he struggled with the law of chastity. He didn't say "Law of Chastity" obviously but he used different words that I don't wanna say because missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ANYWAY, my companion extended the funniest invitation I've ever heard to him. He said "Okay listen. We challenge you to not do that kind of stuff for a week because that's nasty. Give us your number and we'll text you in a week." HAHA! And then the guy gave us his number and we're gonna text him tomorrow! Lolz.

Anyway, love all of you so much! Thank you all for your amazing examples and for getting me to this point :) stay strong in the gospel and you'll never fail! 

John 4: 19-21

- Elder Hanson

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