Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 20 - December 19, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Okay how in the world is it already almost Christmas? That's nuts! I guess it just doesn't look like Christmas here because there's no snow lol! But it sure is cold as fetch! Hawt dang! It makes it really difficult to stay motivated when it's cold BUT I've found that if I push myself just a little farther even when it's cold, then that's when the blessings come! I know that to be true! Anyways WOW it's Christmas on Sunday holy crap that went by fast. I'll be Skyping with you at 1:30 PM your time on Sunday. Can't wait!

I hope you guys have been remembering the true meaning of Christmas as you've strived to serve as the Savior did with this LIGHTtheWORLD challenge!


Hey good news!! Kasey's back! So apparently she was just struggling with Word of Wisdom problems and felt guilty talking about it with us and so she avoided us for a little bit. BUT we were able to contact her again and teach her! It went really well. She still wants to be baptized and knows that the church is true! Her baptismal date is gonna have to be postponed but I'm just happy we get to see her progress again! Keep praying for her that she'll be able to overcome any temptation that might be thrown her way!

Donna. She's great!! It's actually pretty fun right now because we're planning her wedding on January 7th! AH! I'm so happy for her! Thank you guys for your prayers for Donna. Keep praying for her though that she'll be able to have the strength and the good health to be baptized on January 14th!


Dec. 19: Jesus Calmed the Storm and So can you! (review emergency response plans with your family)
Dec. 20: Jesus saw potential in others and so can you! (help someone who's struggling in any way, take a child to work with you)
Dec. 21: Jesus forgave others and so can you! (make a list of grudges you have and let them go, be kind to those who have wronged you)
Dec. 22: Jesus showed gratitude and so can you! (offer a prayer only full of gratitude, let someone know how they've impacted your life)
Dec. 23: Jesus was a Peacemaker and you can be one! (apologize to someone you've wronged , don't gossip for a whole day!)
Dec. 24: Jesus cared for his loved ones and so can you! (leave an anonymous gift for a family member or friend, enter all your friends' birthdays into your mobile device)
Dec. 25: Jesus's Disciples followed Him and so can we! (Turn some of the 25 day challenges into New Years resolutions, find a picture of Christ and hang it up in your room)

FUNNY MOMENT: (more like traumatizing)

At church yesterday, a member (who is little bit on the cray cray side), came up to us and said, "Elders, hold out your hands and close your eyes." Immediately I thought, "Oh fetch." But we did anyways and 5 seconds later I feel something slimy. I literally say, "What the heck is that??" I open my eyes and it's a dead 15 inch snake. He says, "I found it this morning in my air vent." It smelled SO BAD. Oh my gosh. My companion was traumatized and I was just in shock.

Thank you all so much for your love and support you give me each week and every day! Truly blessed with the best family and friends! Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Mosiah: 3: 19
Alma 53: 20-21

- Elder Hanson
My Companion studying hard

District Meeting!

My District is awesome!

Not all serious at our meetings!

Using a fake dead guy to scare an Elder who was visiting

My companion getting the "dead" guy ready

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