Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 19 - December 12, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Hey everyone! Okay soooo this week was definitely one of those rougher weeks for sure. I'll tell you all why in a minute BUT I wanna start off with something positive! CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! What the heck? Gosh time flies! Passing out those "LIGHTtheWORLD" cards has honestly been one of the funnest things ever! Cuz you just basically walk up to someone and say "Hey do you want a Christmas card?" And 9 times out of 10 they'll say yes! Christmas is honestly the best. We actually did do a sub for Santa thing this week at some FedEx company haha! It was awesome! I finally (kind of) know how to wrap presents! Also, great to hear Jeff Grandia dressed up like the Grinch for the ward party there! haha

Have you guys been sharing the LIGHTtheWORLD video with other people? And have you been doing the different acts of service challenges throughout the month so far? I promise that as you do so you will grow to love other people more and more and we'll be just that much closer to bringing Christ back into CHRISTmas! 


Sooooo Kasey. I really don't like putting negative things in my emails but here we go. Kasey dropped us. Like literally out of nowhere. We taught her the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday and she knew that it was a commandment and gave us all of her coffee that she had. The next day she texts us 10 minutes before our lesson with her and says, "Guys I can't do this. I hope you understand". She's been ignoring us completely since then and we literally have no clue what happened. We had to cancel her baptismal interview and everything and it was just really tough. BUT I'm optimistic and I know she'll come around sooner or later! Everything needs to be done in God's time and I know that. Just keep praying for her.

Christine. So she's a new investigator kind of. We just haven't taught her in a LONG time! But we finally got to teach her on Friday night and we invited her to be baptized. She said "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!" Haha! It was awesome! We haven't set a specific date for her yet but we will this week so just pray for her that she'll be prepared to be baptized soon! She's truly an awesome lady.

Jenine and her family. So listen to this. This is cray. So Jenine and the rest of her family are new investigators and we taught them the restoration. But we thought we'd be teaching just her little family but nope. We taught 13 people total in that one lesson because Jenine and her daughters invited friends and neighbors to come listen!! AH! We're seeing them later today and we'll hopefully invite them to be baptized! It's fetching crayyyy! I'm so hyped!


Here are the challenges for the LIGHTtheWORLD initiative for the week :)

Dec. 12: Jesus taught others and so can you!
Dec. 13: Jesus showed Humility and so can you!
Dec. 14: Jesus clothed the naked and so can you!
Dec. 15: Jesus worshiped through song and so can you!
Dec. 16: Jesus showed compassion and so can you!
Dec. 17: Jesus cared for His Mother and so can you!
Dec. 18: Jesus Honored the Sabbath and so can you!


So yesterday, we had like 3 appointments fall through in a certain area and we decided to work that area for a little while and tract. So the very first door that we knock on, a very salty looking man answers. So we explain who we are and everything and then my companion asks him what his name was. He replies, "Does that matter?" It was sooo clear as day that he wasn't interested in the slightest so I just asked, "Is there anything that we can do for you and your family?" He replies, "Yes. Get off my porch and move on." My companion just turns around and walks away and so I smile and say, "Alright well you have a good day sir." He then replies, "Don't tell me what to do!" And shuts the door. I DIED laughing! Hahaha! It was so great. 

Anyways, thank you all for your incredible support! Thank you for being such great examples to me! Love you all and hope you have a straight FIRE week!

Moroni 9: 6
Ether 12: 12-19

- Elder Hanson

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