Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Week 21 - December 28, 2016 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Hey y'all! I truly hope you all had an awesome Christmas! Thank you ALL who sent me packages and letters wishing me a Merry Christmas! Truly meant a lot!! And always remember, that just because Christmas is over now doesn't mean we shouldn't think about Christ and serve like Christ did throughout the year! But anyway, Christmas DAY was pretty good! I got to skype my familia which was pretty sweet :) however, Christmas EVE was a different story. Also, I found out that I will be in Gallipolis for another 6 weeks since neither me nor my companion were transferred. Yeah! Now I can stay for hopefully the baptisms of people we have been teaching for so long.

So Christmas Eve, I woke up with a huge stomach ache. I thought it would just go away after a while but it didn't. Then (that's right, you guessed it) I threw up like an hour later. I had the stomach flu lolz. I literally laid in bed all Christmas Eve. haha. However, throughout this experience, I've gained a strong testimony on how the trials we face in this life are for our benefit. As I laid there in fetching agony, I thought of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs now, "Blessings" by Laura Story. At the very end of the song she says, "What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?" I know that Heavenly Father was aware of my situation and helped me gain that testimony of how hardships are for OUR good. Even when we don't realize it.


Kasey. She's doing great! I'm seriously so hyped that she's back! She is just struggling right now with her parents because they're druggies and she's not. And they tempt her DAILY. She's very strong though and very faithful so just keep praying that she'll still be able to overcome those temptations as she prepares for baptism on January 28th!

Donna. We are still currently trying to figure out a wedding plan for her haha. It's kind of weird to plan a wedding as a missionary. Like what the literal do you do? But it's ok! The ward's helping out! Anyways, she's doing really good! She gets married next week!!! WAHOO!!


Listen to the song "Blessings" by Laura Story. It's honestly one of my favorite songs now. It helped me so much! It's also helped me understand how sometimes the Lord blesses us and we don't even realize it and that every trial we face throughout life are "mercies in disguise".


So this morning, our phone goes off and my companion picks up the phone and looks at the text. As I'm studying, he tells me, "Hey Elder. (Investigator) needs a Chastity pamphlet." I was like, "What? Why?" He said, "Well here's what they said. 'Hey guys. Y'all have a chastity pamphlet I could borrow? I really could use one right now.'" We both just sat there in silence for a solid 10 seconds. Then we both burst out laughing and then reply, "Sure.". Haha! 

Thank you all for your love and support for me! I love you guys so much and I hope you all have an incredible week! Talk to y'all on Monday!

John 16: 33

- Elder Hanson
My fun district at Christmas!

Thank you for all of my great gifts!

View of my street

Park near our home in Gallipolis

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