Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 46 - June 19, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

Whattup y'all! So these past 5 days have been just full of miracles! Seriously! It's crazy to see the progression of Princeton just skyrocket!! I'll let you in on one of the miracles that we saw this week here in a sec but yeah it's all goin' good over here! Also, Happy Father's Day yesterday to my Padre! Happy Father's day to all the dad's that do all they can to raise their children in the best way possible! Y'all are much appreciated :)


Vicki & Ed. Sooooo Ed got arrested. Yikes! That's the bad news. The good news is that Vicki said it's really likely that her boss will let her have Sunday off! So that she can come to church! Ed should be back later on but for right now it's just Vicki. Which is ok! Because her family will want to learn too sooner or later :) so I'm not worried! Just continue praying for her!

Lucia. Okay so here's the miracle. Lucia is the mother of a fairly recent convert and the grandma to a bunch of kids in the family! She's a hardcore catholic. She never really wanted anything to do with us whenever we went over. But the other night, I had the impression to just ask her if she wants to learn about the Book of Mormon. She said she would (pretty reluctantly). We had the lesson and it was great! She committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Then the next night we went back over and she had read the pamphlet we gave her and she told us that she KNOWS it's true. She asked to be baptized and wants to be baptized SOON! Truly a tender mercy from the Lord! The spirit was sooooo strong! It was incredible :) and my comp couldn't stop smiling the whole time haha! But who could blame him right? :)


So this is a simple one. We all have SO MUCH to be grateful for! Except it's easy to say "Well if I had THIS, then I'd be happy." Take a moment to look at all the blessings in your life. It truly will surprise you what Heavenly Father has done to make you happy! Even if you can't see it at the moment. The challenge this week is to say a prayer full of THANKS! No requests. Just thanks. 


So I can't remember if I told y'all about this but a nickname that was given to me in the MTC was "Donkey Kong". My best friend Elder Wilson told me that I look like Donkey Kong when I smile haha. If you don't know what donkey kong looks like, look him up haha. Anyway, my entire district knows that that's the nickname I was given when I was in the MTC. The other night, I was calling a set of sister missionaries to ask them a question and one of the newer sister missionaries in the background asked, "Wait is this Donkey Kong speaking?" She's literally been out a week and she already knows about it. So that's cool. Hahaha! Hopefully that funny moment made sense. I kinda just said what came to my mind as I typed haha!

I love all y'all so much! Congratulations to all those who have received their mission calls and who are going to receive them! Y'all are great :) have a great week!

Alma 29: 9

- Elder Noah Hanson

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