Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 47 - June 26, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

Hey y'all! Wooooww I don't even feel like this week happened! It went by so fast it was nuts! But, like last week, we were able to see sooooo many miracles! Just goes to show you that when you do ALL you can for the Lord, miracles are bound to happen whether we see them or not! We also get a new mission president this week. That's also super super crazy. President and Sister Salisbury leave this Saturday and we get a new mission president! President Lindhardt. I'm truly gonna miss President and Sister Salisbury so much but I know that President and Sister Lindhardt are going to do a great job in leading the mission and are called of God!


Andrew. Okay so get this. He's not quite an investigator yet but he WILL be! Yesterday, we got a call from some random number and so we answered it and he said, "Hi, I'm Andrew and I wanna learn more about your church. I just moved to Princeton and I want to find purpose in my life." I just sat there in silence for a little bit and I was just like, "Well, we definitely have the answer for you." He told us that he is gonna come to church this Sunday to see what the Mormons are like and he's super excited!! And so are we!!! Holy cow! Miracles are for real y'all! We now have about 5 investigators headed towards baptism!

Vicki. She's still on fire. She was able to get Sunday's off!!! So now she can come to church! She's so excited and so are we! Haha! We'll have to change her baptismal date but we're not worried about her at all :) just keep praying for her!

Lucia. So she's also still on FIRE! She's sooooo awesome! We set her baptismal date for July 22nd! And she's coming to church this Sunday and we could not be more stoked! We're gonna go over the Word of Wisdom with her this week and I don't think she'll have a problem with it! Just continue to pray for her as well!


So if y'all remember Ronald A. Rasband's talk at General Conference, he talked about following the first promptings of the spirit. Now this challenge is pretty general because it's different for everybody. But my challenge to y'all is whenever you get the feeling to do something good, ACT! And some of you might ask, "How do I know that it's the spirit talking to me and not just my own thoughts?" Well, to quote David A. Bednar, "Quit worrying about it." If it's a feeling to do good, it's the spirit. So my challenge for y'all is to ACT!


So I don't know if y'all know this but I am not the biggest fan of mustard. You know like the yellow stuff that people put on hot-dogs for some reason? Yeah that. Anyways, on Saturday, my companion poured mustard in this huge spoon and he put that spoon in his mouth like it was candy. I gagged hardcore. But when I gagged, it made him laugh and so he SPIT OUT the mustard and it got all over my pants and I was soooo low key salty (not happy). But I laughed too so it was all good! But yeah I hate mustard.

Anyways, love you guys so much! I hope y'all have the greatest week ever! Treat yo'self! Thanks for all the love and support :)

Helaman 5: 12

- Elder Hanson
Beautiful West Virginia Sunsets

It's is your birthday Elder Willis

My District is the BOMB!

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