Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 23 - January 9, 2017 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Hey all my peeps! I hope you all had an awesome week! My week was pretty great! Stressful, but great! Also, it hit like 5 degrees yesterday and we had to tract. So that was fun. And we had to get rid of the truck we were driving :( the missionaries in Hazaard, Kentucky took it. We now have a 2016 Toyota Carola haha! It's pretty fetching nice except it's white and so it looks dirty a day after we wash it which kinda stinks but it's ok! 


Donna S. Or should I say "Donna D"? She got married on Saturday!! Wahoo!!! The wedding went really well! Planning for it was kinda stressful but it worked out! I'll send some pictures. She gets baptized this Saturday and I'm so excited for her! She asked me to baptize her. I truly feel so humbled and honored to have the privilege of baptizing her! She is so ready and has been waiting for this moment for a LONG time! So thank you all for your prayers and love for her! Keep praying for her that she will be ready for Saturday :)

Ariel. So she's new. We found her while tracting on Wednesday at 8:45 pm and she is so cool! We've already had two lessons with her and she believes it's all true! We'll set her baptismal date this week so pray it all goes well with her! She has a boyfriend who's atheist and he doesn't know she's been taking the discussions. Soooo yeah defs pray for her! That would be awesome!


So the theme for the youth this year is "Ask of God". It quotes James 1: 5-6 and there's a music video that the church does every year for the youth theme. I strongly encourage you all to watch this year's "Ask of God" mutual theme music video. It shows how the youth all over the world asked God different questions and HOW they all received their answers! It's incredible!


So it's like 9:30 at night right? And we hear a knock at the door. We were sketched out of our minds. So we answer the door and all we see is this big guy in all black carrying a AR-15 rifle. I thought, "So this is how it ends?" But turns out it was one of our neighbors wanting to show us the new gun he purchased! Haha! He's a cool guy but I was about ready to cry out of fear. But it's ALL GOOD!

Thanks for all your love and support! It truly means a lot! Always remember that Heavenly Father loves you and so do I! Stay strong and have a great week!! 

D&C 6: 34-37

- Elder Hanson
Donna's Family


Noah Hanson - Wedding Planner/Missionary

Donna's wedding

Donna's Family

Celebrating with a HUGE Reeses!

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