Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 26 - January 31, 2017 - Gallipolis, Ohio

Hellooo everyone! Wow. I honestly can't believe I've been out for almost 6 months. It kinda feels like I have been out for that long but at the same time it definitely doesn't. I also have transfers next week. I will most likely get transferred haha! I find out on Saturday this week if I'm leaving or not! And President Salisbury kind of hinted at me yesterday during our interview that I'm probably getting a leadership position...soooo that's happening most likely. Haha. But this week has been awesome and cold! 

We FINALLY got a huge snow storm on Sunday! There's snow now! haha. It's super sketchy here though because the snow freezes to the roads and they have no idea how to plow the snow here haha! So pray that we don't slide lolz. Sorry mom. Didn't mean to worry you.


The Rhodes family. It's a husband and a wife with 2 children. So we've been teaching these guys for a while now but they just hadn't made any progress. That is until last Sunday!! They came to church and stayed the full 3 hours and LOVED it!! Wahoo!! The wife has always had a lot of doubts about the church but now she can't wait to go back! We're teaching them on Wednesday this week and hopefully inviting them to be baptized! So pray that all goes well for them :)

Ariel. So we taught Ariel about Prayer and Scripture Study and committed both her and her atheist boyfriend to do both! We're going back Thursday to follow up with it but the boyfriend seems to be more and more interested every time we go over! So wahoo!!


This week, I've taught a lot about temples. It's made me realize how blessed we truly are to HAVE temples. Especially out west where there are SO MANY! So my challenge for you is to go to the temple at least once this week. When you go, I promise you will be able to find true peace and comfort and you will feel a lot closer to your loving Heavenly Father. Man, I miss going to the temple.


So on Saturday, Elder Christensen was texting Ariel about setting up an appointment for later that night at 7. So then he texted a member asking him, "Hey brother white! Wanna come to a lesson with us to see someone who is in dier need at 7?" But he accidentally sent that to Ariel. I was like "You're kidding. Why did you say 'dier need'??" It was the most stressful 6 minutes of my life trying to fix that but we were able to eventually! haha! It's all good! Hopefully that funny moment made sense. Lolz.

Thank you all for your amazing Christ-like examples! I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! Love you all!

Alma 1: 25

- Elder Hanson

Elder Wilson and Noah
Huntington Bridge

One hour tracting in the rain!

After the snow!

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