Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 51 - July 26, 2017 - Princeton, West Virginia

 whattup y'all!! Wow this past week and a half was probably the most stressed I've been on my mission not gonna lie! But it's all good because LUCIA GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!! Wahoo!! It was a really neat event to witness and be a part of! I'll talk more about it later but it was great! 

Also, some transfer news. I'm leaving Princeton, WV :/ I think this area was definitely an area where God sent me to GROW! I've grown so much since I've been here and I'm so grateful I had the chance to serve here! I've grown to love the people. I've grown to love the work even more. But most importantly, I've grown to love and rely on my Heavenly Father more. I'll miss it here but now it's time to go to my new area--Morgantown, WV as a ZONE LEADER! It's pretty fetching crazy but yeah! Your boi Elder Hanson is going Zone Leader! I wasn't expecting it at all to be honest. I thought I would remain a District Leader but I guess not haha! It'll be a humbling and growing experience for me! My new comp is Elder Howe (pronounced "how") haha! I've heard he's pretty outgoing dude so I'm hyped!


Lucia. So like i said earlier, she got baptized!! Wahooooo!! So it was interesting. We had to BUY a dress for her! Not gonna lie, I felt a little weird buying a white dress from a women's dress store haha. Oh whale. It all worked out in the end!! She asked me to confirm her a member so that was also really neat! I'm glad I got to do it right before I left! Now every member of her family is a member of the church! Wahooo!!

Bonnie. Okay so remember her? She's the GOLDEN investigator that we found about a month and a half ago? Yeah she's back!! We were able to teach her again and commit her to baptism! I'm excited to see where she goes from here! Hopefully Elder Christensen updates me on her ;) haha! But yeah she's awesome!


What's your favorite General Conference talk?? SHARE IT with someone this week! You don't have to share the whole thing but just your favorite section! General Conference talks are modern-day scripture! So when you share your favorite talk with someone, you are also sharing scripture!!


Y'all are gonna think I'm dumb after reading this. So after the baptism on Saturday, we were all just having some civil conversations with each other and then one of the primary kids comes up to me and asks me if I can do a back bend. And I literally answered, "Uh fetch no I can't do that." But then she talked me into at least TRYING. So I tried and.....I failed. I popped something in my back when I did it and I literally couldn't stand up straight for the rest of the day. It still kinda hurts but I'll get over it haha!

Anyways, I love y'all! Thank you for all of your support, love, and help since I've been here in Princeton! Hope y'all have a great week! I'll let you know ASAP as possible what my new address is :)

John 3: 16

- Elder Hanson
Lucia's baptism!

Saying goodbye to Princeton members

Princeton District lunch!

Great Bluefield Ward members

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